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Frequently asked questions
Is my car capable
There are a lot of factors involved to evaluate the actual towing capabilities of any particular car. Your cars towing capacity, suspension set-up and the weight of what you are towing will help determine this
Is my caravan to heavy to tow with my car
You will need to have both your caravan and tow vehicle weighed to determine if your caravan is too heavy for your tow vehicle
Why does my caravan sway
There can be multiple reasons as to why your caravan sways, the most common reasons would be that the load is incorrectly placed within the van or the van is simply too heavy for the tow vehicle
Do I need to upgrade my suspension to be able to tow more
Upgrading your suspension can help with towing but in most cases it will not allow you to tow more weight, speak to a suspension specialist in regard to any suspension upgrades
The Facebook Group I'm in suggested ...
Whilst it is great to gather information and hear what others have done. NEVER rely on this information, ALWAYS contact the specialist in the field you are inquiring about, this way you are more likely to get the correct information and advice.
Do I have to have my car and trailer combination weighed
The short answer is no. But if you want to travel safely within your car and trailer's weight specifications and want to be safe and legal whilst travelling it is imperative that you do.