Our Services

Weigh Mobile offers a range of weighing services
From GVM and GCM reports to towing advice, we have you covered.
Regardless of the service we’ll come to you.
If you can tow it, we can weigh it

We weigh your vehicle or combination with everything on board, including your water, tools etc, ensuring you are compliant with vehicle / trailer factory specifications.

Our comprehensive report features:

  • Wheel weights
  • Axle weights
  • Tow-ball mass (TBM)
  • Gross trailer mass (GTM)
  • Aggregate trailer mass (ATM)
  • Available payload

The terminology around weighing can be complicated and confusing. The following guide has been put together to help clear some of the confusion.

Of course the team at Weighmobile will be happy to clarify anything and we will go through what you need to know on the day of your appointment.

Gross Vehicle Mass. The maximum your car can weigh fully loaded
Gross Trailer Mass.  This is the weight placed on the wheels of the trailer.
Gross Combination Mass. The maximum your car and trailer can weigh together as they travel down the road fully loaded
Aggregate Trailer Mass. The maximum your trailer can weigh fully loaded
Tow Ball Mass. The maximum weight the tow hitch exerts on the tow vehicle